What I do

The services that John Adams provides divide into two distinct areas. The first relates to compliance and reporting of the past and the second to financial and tax planning for the future. In both cases you are guaranteed the highest levels of care and expertise from a true specialist in the field.

In attending to issues of compliance and reporting the services that he can offer include preparing financial accounts and completing annual tax returns and inheritance tax returns for trusts and estates in the course of administration. 

He is also highly experienced in dealing with the personal tax affairs for those associated with trusts and estates, equally proficient at completing a tax return for a high net worth individual and at processing a tax reclaim for a non-taxpaying trust beneficiary.

Assistance with tax planning for the future includes advising on inheritance tax and capital gains tax mitigation. Trusts often play an important role here, as do deeds of variations when advising on an estate in the course of administration. He can also help with tax-effective trust income distribution, capital extraction and trust termination as well many aspects of trust administration.